Samstag, 4. April 2009 Presse Sascha Bert

Sascha Bert, a title contender in the 2006 FIA GT Championship, raced in the 2008 FIA GT3 European Championship with Alois Meir, in a Martini Callaway Corvette Z06. The highlight of their season was a top-three finish in Brno, an exceptional result in Meir’s first competitive season.

How did you enjoy your season ?

Sascha Bert

Sascha Bert

It was a great season. My job was to help and teach Alois Meir, and resulted in our best race in Brno, when we finished third. This was a big result for Alois and also for me. We pushed hard in every race. This was Alois’ first season in this sport, and he had a lot to learn, but he improved at each event and went a little faster every race. It was not enough to finish on the podium at every race, but I think for Alois it was a great season.

What about GT3 ? Did you enjoy the atmosphere ?

I knew that the atmosphere in GT1 was great, and then I changed to GT3 and I had a really brilliant season. Every race was great fun, with the Callaway team, which is like a big family. The team is really concentrated on preparing fast cars. I enjoyed the whole series and especially the Callaway team.

You are experienced in driver training programmes – how did this help in 2008 ?

Yes, I have done a lot of instructor jobs, including for GM, like the OPC Race Camp which I did with Manuel Reuter and Joachim Winkelhock. I took this experience to teach Alois Meir, to try to give him all my experience and bring him forward.

What about your plans for 2009 ?

My plans are not yet decided. Alois has decided to compete this season in the ADAC GT Masters, so I am looking for a Bronze driver, with budget, who is interested in doing the full season. For me, it would be brilliant to teach another bronze driver, to help him to be quick and to win races. I’m looking forward to doing that.

Is the Corvette a good car for a relative beginner ?

The Corvette is a brilliant car. I have driven a lot of cars – and the Corvette Z06 is good to drive, with good handling, as well as being a really fast car. And when you are in a team like Callaway Racing you have lots of support from their technical team and they do a really good job.

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